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7th Annual
American Graffiti... The Cruise
Saturday Show Photos
June 18th, 2005
Modesto Junior College, East Campus
Modesto, California

AGCS05 Saturday Evening Cruise Photo Index 1

The American Graffiti Car Show has for the past several years done a cruise or parade of the participants on the streets of downtown Modesto. This year there was change when it came to the cruise as well. Instead of doing an early morning cruise like the past several years, they switched to an evening show. I think it was well received as the spectators seemed to be a lot heavier than in past years. You will see a few of the cars more than once as I took pictures when the cars made their second pass. They stage the participants prior to the cruise on a number of side streets, then they start the cruise with about one third of the participants. Once the end of that group passes the second time, they let out the next one third and so on. The way it normally works is they allow the participants to make 2 revolutions. Unfortunately, due to police costs, they had the streets for a limited time, and then had to send everyone off as the streets were re-opened, so a number of the participants never got to go around the second time. All in all, the cruise in my opinion is far better in the evening instead of the morning. There are 350 photos in this set.

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