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7th Annual
American Graffiti... The Car Show
Saturday Show Photos
June 18th, 2005
Modesto Junior College, East Campus
Modesto, California

AGCS05 (Saturday) Car Show Photo Index 1

The American Graffiti Car Show is always a big highlight of the car show season. This year they made some changes to the layout which helped a lot. They were able to use the street along the one side of the campus which allowed a lot of the vendors to be placed there freeing up participant parking spots. The turnout was very good, with very little room for any additional rods. Vendors were still everywhere, with commercial vendors along the one side and down through the middle and food vendors typically on the street that was new this year. This album (Saturday Photos) has 460+ photos in it.  I tried to get as many as possible, but the cruise being an evening event this year had everyone leaving early to get ready for it, so not every rod was photographed. Hope you enjoy them....

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