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8th Annual
American Graffiti... The Car Show
Saturday Show Photos
June 17th, 2006
Modesto Junior College, East Campus
Modesto, California

AGCS06 Car Show Photo Index 1

Mother Nature decided it was time to start summer with a bang. The almost 100 degree temperature made it a might bit warm, it didn't seem to bother the show though. I talked to someone who read a participant card that said #841, so I am guessing the show must have been around 850. No, I didn't get every single one, I arrived later than normal, so by the time I got to the end a lot of cars were heading out to get ready for the evenings cruise downtown. With that happening, the album is by no means short, there are 600 photos in the Saturday Car Show set. So sit back and enjoy the 2006 edition of the American Graffiti Car Show....

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