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4th Annual American Reflections Car Show
May 22nd, 2004
Moxee City, Washington

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NOTE: Don contacted me early this year to help promote their show...  The following is a follow up that Don sent me in regards to the show held back in May, as well as a nice photo album from the show......

Don Pickard - President - American Reflections Car Club

We put so much time and effort into preparation for our car show, contacting sponsors for trophies and prizes. The whole time the weather report did not look good. I had planned to have 150 -200 cars to show up (Perhaps a big estimate for such a small club). The day of the show, it rained, then the sun came out, then it hailed, then the sun came out, then more rain, and sun. Some people from the Tri -Cities up here in Washington did not come. Some people from the Seattle area did not come. Some of our vendors did not come. Guess what?.....

We had 104 participants!!! The show was said to be a great success and during the entire day (because of the rain, etc) we lost 1 car. Every body loved the location of the show and we are already signed up to have next years show at the same location, (MAY 21, 2005). We gave out 43 trophies and a ton of prizes!


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