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 I'm trying to cut down on SPAM email here at Rock 'N Rod
In an effort to cut down on spam email here, I have started removing the hard coded email addresses from the website. In place of them, you will find graphic images of needed email addresses. It simply means that you will have to manually type in the addresses you see in order to send email to rocknrod. This will help stop the spambots from coming into the site and harvesting email addresses. A little bit inconvenient, but it will help immensely as we are swamped with spam now.... You will see the following 3 emails around the site. You can't click them, you will need to manually enter them in your email program.
Main Rocknrod email address:    
Send flyers attached to email to:    
Send car show text information to:    

Hopefully by the removal of the actual email addresses, spam will be cut down. We receive between 500 and 1000 spam emails per day now, even though we are running Spam Assassin on the server. There has to be a way to cut it down.