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17th Annual Street Rod & Classic Car Show
50's Fun Run to Frogtown
Frogtown Fairgrounds
Angels Camp, California

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We headed up to Frogtown early on the Saturday morning. Arriving in Angels Camp we found the weather to be absolutely perfect. Unlike a year ago, the heat was no where near what it was back then. Frogtown Fairgrounds is on the edge of town, so we headed to the show. The turn out of rods was around 125 and the way the fairgrounds is laid out, they were parked all around under the trees and on a grassy knoll as you entered the grounds. Vendors were placed about center of the grounds. We went into the Frogateria which was open and had breakfast then started checking all the entries out. In the afternoon, everyone grouped up on the hill overlooking the show near the registration area for the big raffle. As the raffle was going on, over a period of 10 minutes or so 6 or 7 sirens went by on the main road below the fairgrounds. I was sitting on a golf cart talking to Rob and made a comment that it sure sounded like Fire Engines passing by. A lady sitting in chair to my right turned around and said to me "Well, turned around and look behind you". I spun around, and my hunch was right, a wildland fire had started not far from us. They already had a spotter plane, 2 air attack aircraft and one helicopter on the scene as we stared watching from our vantage point. So when you get to the end of this photo album, that's the reason for the pictures included here. On a side note, when we left the show heading home, we were not sure if we would be anywhere near the fire. Well, we were stopped on the road by CHP officers. They then had us proceed, as we came around a big turn there were approximately 10 or 12 California Department of Forestry Fire Engines as well some local engines parked in a long line in the opposite lane. The fire must have started at the road and went up and over the mountain top. So take some time and view the 2005 edition of the Central Valley Knights 50's Fun Run to Frogtown photo album....


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Photography by: Dennis Espindola Sr.

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