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Fire It Up! Classic Car Show
Rush Creations Showroom & Design Center
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Ripon, California

FIU06 Car Show Photo Index 1
Where was the show you ask?
At Rush Creations Show Room & Design Center
If you are familiar with HWY 99 between Ripon and Manteca,
we were literally under the water tower with the big KAT Country Radio logos on it.

Of course I had to tease Dave (Dave Luna) of KABX Oldies 97.5 who was part of the show doing live remotes. I asked him if he was going to tell everyone to come out to the show, that KABX Oldies 97.5 was at the Rush Creations show under the Kat Country radio logo on the water tower. Then I suggested maybe he or Damien should climb the tower and put the KABX banners over the KAT Country logos. Dave thought it was good idea but that Damien should do it. Damien didn't think it was a good idea, so the banners stayed on the KABX pop up.....

I received a call from Keith Sellers, he told me he was working with Rush Creations to put on a car show. Keith is with the Valley PT Cruisers and PT CruiserFest. He wanted to open the show to classic cars as well as PT Cruisers. So I told him I would be happy to help get the word out as well as help him get Dash Plaques made for the show. Time was short, it was less than 2 weeks away when he called. He sent me logos and I played with them and created the Dash Plaques, David at All Star Trophy in Turlock did the Dash Plaque printing. Keith was hoping for 30 cars to show up at the show, by the time the show was over, my count was 69 cars. It was definitely a success.... The Chef from the Whitmore Mansion did cooking demonstrations off and on during the day. A new kind of BBQ pit was shown, so new that it is not actually in production just yet, but talk about a BBQ pit, it was rather awesome to watch it in action. Rush Creations came in with a bang no doubt, if you are looking for a new backyard design, or the equipment, including Hot Tubs, as well as Children's playground style equipment, stop by Rush Creations for a closer look. Besides, you'll want to see the waterfall inside the building anyway.....


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