Rock 'N Rod's Photo Album Section
Westside Auto Club's
26th Annual Linguica Run Car Show
Sunday July 10th, 2005
Henry Miller Park
Gustine, California

GLR05 Car Show Photo Index 1

The Westside Auto Club's Annual Linguica Run Car Show is one show we tend to look forward to each year. Usually a rather warm show, but with the Gustine Fire Department Breakfast across the street and then the Linguica Lunch it falls together. This year for a change is was not as hot as many of the past years have been. The raffle is always a big hit and then they parade the winners through as they hand out the awards, this years was the same as the past. It looked to be a very good show participant wise as well, seems like they were parked everywhere. So if you did not attend this years Linguica Run, then here is your chance to see what went on and what you missed, it was an excellent show.


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