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Hollister Street Fair Car Show
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
Downtown, Hollister, California

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We headed out early for Hollister, traffic was light so we made great time traveling across the Central Valley and over San Luis Dam. We arrived in downtown Hollister at 8:30am and found good old foggy overcast weather. The street was already well on it's way to being full of rods. The overcast started breaking around 11:00am and the sun came on out, but instead of a typical hot Hollister day, it was simply a warm summer day, perfect for a car show. The street fair had a lot of spectators watching the dance groups at one end of the street as well as the carnival rides. The food booths and live bands were in the middle with the car show on the other end of the Street Fair. The bands were some of the best bands that I have heard in a long time. It would be tough to pick which was actually the best, they all did excellent performances. The day wound down with awards being presented at approx. 5:20pm on the stage. Actually the band Naked in Vegas stopped long enough to announce the winners... drum roles and all... it was great, they seemed to have fun doing the awards. Once they were done, the rodders headed for home in quick fashion. So if you missed the Hollister Street fair car Show 2005, here is a chance to see who was there... Enjoy the photos...



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Photography by: Dennis Espindola Sr.

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