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Los Banos Car Show 2002
Downtown Los Banos, California
August 4th, 2002 

The Los Banos Car Show sort of appeared out of no where. When I found out about it, it was pretty much to late to even list the show on the Central Valley Listing section. The show was a good one, I have a hunch they would do a lot better though if they would move the show date a week earlier or a couple weeks later. The group I was with said that in the past there were quite a few more participants. Hot August Nights in Reno started the same day, so I imagine that a lot of the rodders who would normally attend were most likely up in in Reno. The day started off with really nice weather for a car show, but it changed quickly to down right cold, not your typical central Valley warm evening. It was jacket time by the time the awards were presented. We had dinner at a great restaurant called the Wool Growers right there in downtown Los Banos. If you get a chance, be sure you try it out. It serves French-Basque cuisine one course at time, 5 courses in all I think and you sure won't go away hungry. Has to be one of the best dinners I have had in many years.

Online here, you will find almost 90 photos in the 2002 Los Banos Car Show photo set, hope you enjoy them.

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Photography by: Dennis Espindola Sr.