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A Veterans Day Car Show & Festival
Saturday, November 12th, 2005
Downtown, Turlock, California

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In late October I received a phone call from Duane asking for help in putting on a Car Show in approximately 2 and 1/2 weeks. I told Duane that to get a show off the ground this late in the season was going to be very hard without the chance to give out flyers at other shows in advance, especially since this was a brand new show. We made a few changes, did a mailing to possible participants and hoped that 104 The Hawk ads would do the rest. Well, Nov. 12th rolled around and we ended up having exactly 50 participant rods in attendance. The day went pretty well with quite a few spectators coming to downtown Turlock to be a part. The overall idea was to create the start of a Veterans Day event in Turlock which did have one in the past but in recent years no longer does. The day started with the American Legion and V.F.W. presenting the colors. Hopefully with a year to work on the show & festival, we should be able to have a very expanded event in 2006. For now though, please check out the photo album line with the 50+ cars that were there....


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Photography by: Dennis Espindola Sr.

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