Rock 'N Rod's Photo Album Section
2005 Newman Fun Run
Hogs to Hot Rods
May 2005
Downtown, Newman, California

NFR05 Car Show Photo Index 1

This is one show that I enjoy, but finding out about it in advance always seems to be a problem. I don't think I have ever had a flyer for this show for some reason. I typically find out about it a few days up front so I54 never seem to be able to get it listed in advance. The show this year was another good one, with Hogs and Hot Rods everywhere. They always have good live bands, this years entertainment was again top notch. A lot of commercial vendors to choose from, the selection of food stands was good, and there was even one of the strangest participant entries that I have ever seen. If you think I am joking, be sure to look at the photos #110 through #116, I think you will agree, this vehicle has to take the most unusual vehicle entered if there was a category for such. The weather was warm as it typically is but not a scorcher. Those of you who missed the show, I have about 164 photos in this years Newman Fun Run, Hogs to Hot Rods Photo Album. Hope you enjoy them. 

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