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Paramount Parks 2nd Annual Car Show
Turlock, California
August 15th, 2002

    Received a call from Leon about the 2nd annual Car Show at Paramount Parks in Turlock. He explained to me about the show and that he most likely would be in the hospital having surgery while the show took place. I told him not to worry, that I would definitely be there, since I  had not been to it in the past. His daughter called 2 days before the show, told me that as Leon was going to surgery that he asked her to be sure to call and remind me. She did, and I told her that I had marked it on the calendar and would be there.
    Paramount Parks is retirement complex and one thing is for sure, the Paramount Parks Car Show is a hit with many of the residents. Many of them went from rod to rod in their wheel chairs, pointing and asking questions. I would venture a guess that the old Model A's and similar rods must have brought back a lot of memories for some of them. You could sort of tell by the looks or expressions as some of the residents beamed as they gazed and asked their questions. Others simply pulled up and parked their rods I mean wheelchairs and were content to enjoy the live music from 2 different locations at the show. From face painting... to a clown, to the jump House for the kids, there was plenty to see and do, and they did. The activities director of Paramount Parks definitely seemed to have a handle on things. Of course Gene kept everyone up to date as the show progressed as he MC'd it. There was snacks at several booths, plus the rodders were served a Hot Dog dinner. To sum it up, this show gets a big thumbs up, everyone had fun from the rodders who came to the residents who got back a few moments of a by gone time, just wish that more places like Paramount Parks could get it together and do similar events like the Paramount Parks Car Show.... See you at next years show....

PS.....   Hope this is what you were hoping for Leon... and hey... quit laying around and get well... there's work to be done... what some people will do for a vacation... :-)

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