Rock 'N Rod's Photo Album Section
Ripon Police Department's

Emergency Vehicle Show
Saturday October 1st, 2005
Ripon Community Center, Ripon, California

RPDEVS05 Car Show Photo Index 1

When we started the Rock 'N Rod Nites Car Show series in Watsonville back in 1995, I had just finished putting on my first car show called Starlight Garage Car Show also in Watsonville. In conjunction with that show, we also had a D,A.R.E Car Show with-in the overall show. Since it was sponsored by the City of Watsonville being a part of the Spirit of Watsonville Celebration for the 4th of July, Watsonville Police Department was a part of it. On the day of the show, the Watsonville PD D.A.R.E. Officer was one of the few that came without a D.A.R.E. car.  That evening at the show we held a dance, and during that dance I able to get a number of people together to try and get some sort of car underway so that the WPD D.A.R.E. officer would have a D.A.R.E. car. Shortly there after, Then LT. Manny Solano was able to put together a committee that helped oversee the restoration of a PD vehicle. After putting on the 6 year run of Rock 'N Rod Nite shows in Watsonville, we were able to help restore the Watsonville PD car that they now have for parades and special events. Now WPD Captain Manny Solano and Rick Bayes of Speed of Light Towing in Watsonville invited me to join them in Ripon 5 years ago for an emergency vehicle show. So over I came to Ripon, Rick ended up buying a Police Car very similar to the WPD car that was under going restoration at the time. He still has his marked as WPD Unit and the actual past WPD car is completed and on the road as well. I moved to Hughson near Modesto 4 years ago and I have been trying to get back to the show ever since then.  Seems even the Ripon Chamber of Commerce didn't know anything about the show when I last asked. Finally I got word of it this year from one of the participants at our new series of Rock 'N Rod Nites at Bonander Shows in Turlock, so once again I could make the show. So after a 5 year absence from the Ripon show, I was able to make it and here's a photo album with almost 250 photos from the October 1st, 2005 show, please enjoy.

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