Rock 'N Rod's Photo Album Section
Merced Valve Burner's
Super Sunday at Lake Yosemite
Hot Rod Show
Sunday September 11th, 2005
Lake Yosemite
Merced, California

SSLY05 Car Show Photo Index 1

This is one show that I have heard a lot about over the years but never had the opportunity to go to until this year. This is one of the larger shows and with the lake as a backdrop makes for one nice setting. Talk about trees though, they are everywhere, made taking good pictures a bit hard. The day was bright blue and a bit on the warmer side. The show is spread along one side of the lake, so with the number of rods in attendance it made walking end to end quite a long walk. I made 3 complete passes through the show over the period of the day but I am sure I still missed a few of the rods. When they say the Super Sunday at Lake Yosemite Car Show has a big raffle, they mean it. I am not sure how long it actually took to give away everything including the engine but it was quite a while. They lined up the winners along the road then paraded onto what is called Scout Island and presented each one with their award. All in all, this definitely is one of the annual shows that you should mark on the calendar and attend, I know I will in the future. There's almost 350 photos in this album, so take your time and enjoy the recap.....

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